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IBS, Chrohn's Disease and GI disturbance

Is Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis or Crohn’s Disease Getting Worse?

Feel Confined To Your Own Home Because Of It?

What you are about to read will annoy and aggravate you.  It may even turn your stomach.  You see, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Colitis, and Crohn’s are reaching epidemic levels of misdiagnosis and mistreatment is rampant.  If you suffer from these conditions and don’t know the information we’re about to reveal to you, you may be setting yourself up for a life of constant pain, suffering, disability and misery.

Most doctors have no clue when it comes to IBS, Colitis, and Crohn’s!

What’s that? You don’t believe me?  These doctors are all trained and know what they are doing.  But when it comes to these digestive problems they lack the knowledge and understanding to properly treat these horrible conditions.  Most of you haven’t improved a whole lot or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

We’ll actually tell you exactly what you’ve been going through.  We call it, “The Digestive dysfunctional loop of crazy.”

First, you went to your practitioner, the guy who your HMO made you see because he’s on the list.

Anyway, you told him you had constant, unrelenting diarrhea or constipation, constant episodes of gas, fullness and bloating, horrible heartburn, and stomach pain that won’t go away…especially showing up at the most inopportune times, leading you to wonder if it’s even safe to leave the house and disrupting your daily schedule.  You can’t even go about your life because it’s completely getting in the way.

You can’t even enjoy the simple things in life anymore, like playing with your children or grandchildren.  Getting out of bed every day is an unbelievable challenge.  Life has become unbearable and your schedule has been completely altered.

Your GP does a 5 minute exam

- NEGATIVE.  Abdominal CT scan and MRI

- NEGATIVE.  Does a few blood tests

- NEGATIVE.  Maybe even a Colonoscopy

- NEGATIVE.  Then he tells you he’s done all he can do, you’re gonna have to learn to live with it.

You do what he says and guess what?   It doesn’t work, it actually get worse.

So you go back, again and again and your GP gives you different drugs, trial and error style.  This time it’s a depression or anxiety medication, merely just chasing after an end result of the gastrointestinal problem.  (Lots of side effects.)

After he’s exhausted his list of “wonder drugs” he tells you it’s all in your head and sends you to a psychiatrist for other opinions.

They’ve put your through months, if not years of grueling tests and issue drugs with horrible side effects. 

You’re scared, so you do what they tell you to do.  We’ve heard it hundreds of times.

All the drugs are making things worse.  Destroying your liver.  Destroying your stomach.  Now you hear about some IBS surgery where they literally just take out the part of your intestines.  Look, the truth is the doctors you are seeking are excellent, just not for this condition.  Drugs and surgery are not the answer.  Addressing the root cause is the answer.  Pills will help mask the pain, but it won’t correct the problem.  We hope this makes sense to you.

Well, we are here to tell you there is another choice.  A sensible ALL NATURAL non-invasive and safe treatment program.  This is giving Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers their LIVES BACK with MIRACULOUS results for many.  What we have learned is that most health care providers do not have the background to properly treat these conditions.  This is not something taught in medical school, so unless they have training in functional neurology and medicine for treating the gut, you will get “run of the mill” treatment.  Find out the true cause and how this treatment is getting outstanding results. 

Find out the 3 foods that are culprits 90% of the time, why drugs have such a poor outcome, the effects of stress on your condition, why you for from doctor to doctor with no answers/solutions, the two tests that MD’s DO NOT run that may answer the question as to why you have this condition and how this clinically proven program is consistently healing your intestines without drugs.

If you are ready to finally conquer these horrible conditions, then you cannot afford not to call our office.  This is one of the most well rounded treatment programs in the country today.  Call (860) 824-0748.  

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